Wedding photographer: Is one or two photographers enough?

That a wedding should definitely be accompanied by a wedding photographer is certainly beyond question for most. But is a photographer enough, or is a team of two photographers better to accompany the wedding photographically? We would like to tell you directly, the payment of an additional photographer is almost always worthwhile, at least if the budget is there for it.

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When we were looking for a photographer for our wedding, we decided on a wedding photographer, who basically works alone. Although he had his apprentice with us, but of course we do not count this as a real wedding photographer. In our blog, we show you wedding reports from various photographers, who work in the great majority alone. Nevertheless, the photos are all really really nice and probably every bride and groom with just one photographer would say that this was perfect. But there are a few situations where two photographers are beneficial.

Photographers can not be in two places at the same time

Let's start with Getting Ready. While the bride and groom are getting ready for the wedding in different places, most of them get nervous and the butterflies in their bellies fly around more and more. The Getting Ready, looking forward to the special moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time, is an exciting time. Of course, if the Getting Ready is in the same place, but in separate rooms, it is not a problem if you have only one photographer. But if the bride and groom are preparing for the wedding separately from each other, as for example with us, then of course two photographers are an advantage.

But even if both photographers are in the same place, for example at the church wedding, two photographers with two cameras are often an advantage. You simply have more options to capture an event from different angles. For example, while giving the yes word, one photographer may focus on portraits or details, the other photographer captures the entire scenery. Surely you also know the saying that four eyes see more than two. Of course, this also applies to photographers.

The guest list affects the number of photographers

If you are keen to have pictures of your guests, but you have invited more than 100 guests, it is not easy for a photographer to photograph everything. Although such large weddings are relatively rare in Germany, they still illustrate the dilemma very well. But even at smaller weddings, two photographers often have more options. As with the example in the church, two photographers can simply take photos of the special moments, the reactions of your guests and, of course, the bridal couple.

A guideline is not there. So we can not say that up to 50 people a photographer is enough and from 75 people in any case two photographers are necessary. It depends entirely on your wishes, because if you have only one photographer who photographed you as a bride and groom mainly, then the photos of the guests, of course, have something back. Of course, with only one photographer, there are certainly really nice photos of your guests. Unless the photographer forgets some photos, which are pointed out in the run very special, as unfortunately with us.

Is one or two photographers enough?

The question of whether a wedding photographer or two photographers are better for a wedding, is a question that each bride and groom must decide individually for themselves. A generally valid tip does not exist in this respect unfortunately. In general, of course, it depends on your budget, if a team of two photographers can be booked. In general, however, two photographers, in our opinion, already offer more opportunities to photographically capture the special day of the wedding. As already described, four eyes literally see more than two. Not only because certain situations can be photographed from different perspectives at the same time, but above all because in this way you simply have more photos of your special day.

In any case, if the budget allows, we would book two photographers, you have already read very directly in this post. This does not mean that this is an absolute must-have. After all, a single wedding photographer can and will capture your wedding in such a photographic way that you will have many really nice memories afterwards.

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