Wedding in the rain – with attention to detail in the castle Münchweiler

A wedding with really many and especially lovingly designed details, we really like very much. Like the wedding of Jacquelin and Lars, which is an incredible inspiration for future bridal couples. Even if it is partly a Wedding in the rain was, as you can see on the cover of this post.

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We have described you in our post 5 must-haves that you absolutely need in wedding planning, Pinterest and Instagram are a curse and a blessing at the same time. Jacquelin also noticed that, because she spent hours on Pinterest! If not weeks, months! But she was not just looking for weddings – also decorations for garden parties, birthdays – and always taking small elements out for her own wedding. In addition, Instagram #diybraut has really inspired her.

But the work of decorating the wedding has definitely paid off, as you can see on the photos of Bastian Ramakers Photography. There are so many different details that really inspire us. These include not only the personalized dressing gowns on Getting Ready and the personalized champagne glasses, but also the great signs and the lids for the glasses.

Personalized dressing gowns at Getting Ready

Personalized champagne glasses for the wedding

Lid for the glasses at the wedding

On the lids for the glasses said: "Please do not take my drink. I'm dancing with Lars & Jacquelin ". So a note to the waiter, that the glasses are still standing, and should not be cleared. We also find the letterbox for the wedding post, as you can see below, really great. Jacquelin has bought this cheap on ebay, then painted it white, ordered the logo online and then just glued on it. It's that easy to create a really great box for the cards.

Wedding in apricot / salmon

For their wedding, Jacquelin and Lars have chosen the color apricot / salmon, but also pink and gold. It was a gut feeling – Jacquelin and Lars find that the color fits great in the summer. Rosa, because the bridesmaids did not find any apricot or salmon clothes at all, so they simply took pink with them. Wood and gold, because they are just themselves. So her entire living room is decorated in gold and wood.

In the end, it should not be a typical rustic wedding, but also not noble. Both would not have matched the two. The style break, with the many wooden elements in combination with the baroque castle with the many gold accents, looked just really nice in the end. In the flowers at the table decoration, they have then incorporated small red berries, because a wall in the location was completely red – So just one came to another and the decoration has developed by itself.

Table decoration in the castle Münchweiler

Wedding in the castle Münchweiler

The location for their wedding in mid-June 2019 was neither the first, nor the second, nor the third choice. Your desired location in the village at the time of the organization had no tenant. Jacquelin always wanted to marry in a barn – with lots of lights. At the beginning of 2018, ie 1.5 years in advance, all shyness in the vicinity was booked out by 2020. The third would have been a rustic hunting lodge, unfortunately had to be renovated.

Coincidentally, they then discovered the castle Münchweiler. They went there and although it snowed that day and you could not see much out there, both were immediately in love with the grounds. They loved the idea that the wedding and celebration were in the same place. Even if a few compromises have to be made with the location, such as a red wall or that it was not a big hall, but several small ones.

Wedding in the rain

On the cover of this post you can see that during the wedding ceremony some guests held an umbrella in their hands. Even if it rains in part, it is absolutely no drama. With our 10 tips for a rainy wedding, rain is no longer a problem! If then umbrellas are ready for the wedding, the wedding falls by no means proverbial in the water.

service provider

Photographer: Bastian Ramakers Photography
Location of the wedding ceremony: Schloss Münchweiler
Location of the wedding celebration: Schlossgarten in the castle Münchweiler
Makeup: Makeup Styling by Chrissy
Hair & Beard: Mona Lisa
Bridal Shoes: Ordered online at Verasposa
Bridal Jewelry: Thomas Sabo
Groom Outfit: Mr. Bergholz
Floristry: Castle Münchweiler
Stationery: DIY
Wedding Cake: NinArt Sugar Flowers
Wedding rings: Gold + Art Atelier Dominique Fox
Name badges: lasercut woodwork
personal gifts (handkerchief, lettering, wedding candle, etc.): rosemary party

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