Wedding Cards by Kaartje2go: Special designs for your stationery

Do you already know that Wedding cards from Kaartje2go? If not, check out the special designs for your wedding gift in this post. At Kaartje2go you will find wedding card sets with save the date cards, invitation cards, menu cards and thank you cards. Including designs in watercolor look, botanical look, cards with gold or cards with photo collage.


Kaartje2go has been active in the Netherlands for 12 years, since 2016 in Belgium and since 2018 they are also represented in Germany. Incidentally, in our neighboring country Kaartje2go has its own information according to the provider of invitation cards, wedding cards, relocation cards, anniversary cards, greeting cards or Christmas cards. Reason enough for us to take a closer look at this provider.

Wedding Cards by Kaartje2go: Special designs for your stationery
© Kaartje2go

Wedding cards from Kaartje2go

If you look at the different designs for your stationery for the wedding at Kaartje2go, you'll notice the watercolor look and botanical look designs mentioned in the introduction to this post. Both are very popular with newlyweds at the moment, so that certainly some will find it. We have already discovered several designs that we personally like very much. But not only in the design you have a very nice selection, in addition you can choose between five different types of paper. At your disposal

  • a paper grade with a high-gloss layer,
  • a laid-paper type that gives the card a fine and dull appearance,
  • elegant mother of pearl with subtle shine,
  • a type of paper based on a watercolor paper structure
  • and a paper with a fine linen texture.
Wedding Cards by Kaartje2go: Special designs for your stationery
© Kaartje2go

Create stationery online

Even though the great designs have already inspired us, we are thrilled and the design tool from Kaartje2go is all the more! Have you found your desired design in the online shop and clicked on the button "Edit map", you will immediately get into the tool. There you have the opportunity to edit the selected design. Not only can you customize the lyrics, use your own photos, but you can also add additional images as needed, such as hearts, icons, and floral elements.

Once you've finished your card, the next step is to select the size you want and specify if you want to get a proof, receive your cards at home, or even send them directly to the recipients. Especially the last option is intended for many interesting people who want to save the whole to the post office.

If you are still looking for wedding cards, it is definitely worth a look in the online store of Kaartje2go. We ourselves are positively surprised!


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