Simple and natural DIY vintage wedding at Schloss Glücksburg

Already from the beginning Lena and Julian found the Vintage and Bohostil incredibly beautiful. These are two styles that are very natural in their eyes. And that's exactly what they are: of course. They do not make much of bells and whistles, but details do. The great thing about a DIY vintage wedding is that not only the natural and, above all, the sustainable can be brought in, but also the attention to detail.

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Lena and Julian had very precise ideas for their simple and natural DIY vintage wedding. Therefore, the search for a suitable location was not so easy. They wanted a location where they could let off steam completely. Lena has always dreamed of marrying Glücksburg Castle as a child. At first it was said that the orangery was already booked for her desired dates. But they were fortunate enough that a bride and groom jumped off and decided on another location. They had received the orangery completely empty and were thus able to design the room from scratch according to their wishes.

It was also important to the two that the location has an outdoor area. It was always their big dream and their hope that the weather plays along and they can relocate the wedding outside in the afternoon. Luckily, the weather at their wedding was fantastic and they could put their ideas into action as they always had planned. Everyone sat together outside, the guests had fun with garden games and everyone had a lot of fun and the atmosphere was relaxed and relaxed from the beginning! But before that came, of course, first of all the first look and the wedding ceremony in the castle chapel Glücksburg was due.

First look before the wedding ceremony

According to Lena and Julian, the best moment of the whole wedding was the first look! Lina Thomsen, her photographer, had already encouraged her to get a first look before the wedding. Especially Julian was initially skeptical and had to make friends with the idea first. Those few minutes they had on their own were by far the most emotional at their wedding. They have seen each other for the first time in dress and suit that day, marveling at each other in peace and, above all, lying in their arms and enjoying the peace and quiet as a couple. They also read their marriage vows to us at First Look and had tears of joy in their eyes. It was just so personal and intimate. For them, that was the only moment on their wedding day that they really had all to themselves.

First look of bride and groom at Schloss Glücksburg

First look of bride and groom at Schloss Glücksburg

Wedding in the castle chapel Glücksburg

It is always great when the wedding ceremony and the wedding can be in the same place as, for example Castle Glücksburg, When entering the church, the bride and groom were very excited. They have decided in advance that the groom with the pastor at the altar is waiting for the bride, who is introduced by her father. Bride Lena has seen her father outside the church for the first time in a year because he lives in the USA. The mood was accordingly emotional. When she moved into the chapel with her father, she saw that Julian also cried. When the pastor started the ceremony, they could finally breathe deeply, any tension off their shoulders and they could enjoy the wedding to the fullest. It certainly contributed to her first look before the ceremony, which had taken a first load of excitement from them.

Wedding in the castle chapel Glücksburg

Julian had the worry in advance that the First Look would take the magic out of moving into the church. But the newlyweds can only contradict that. Even when moving in, they cried again and it was just as emotional as you always imagine.

Wedding in the Orangerie Schloss Glücksburg

From the castle chapel Glücksburg to the orangery of Schloss Glücksburg it was not a long way. Nevertheless, Lena and Julian have taken the time to take pictures of themselves after the wedding ceremony. In the meantime, guests were able to help themselves outside at the soda bar or play games in the open air.

Bride and groom at the couple photoshoot

For their wedding, Lena and Julian have chosen as natural as possible colors, which fit perfectly with the DIY vintage wedding. Her flower concept consisted of white flowers and eucalyptus. Her stationery was inspired by kraft paperwork and black boards to add a rustic vintage touch. In addition, the Orangerie is already yellow and both the Orangerie and the chapel have some red details, so they wanted to keep everything as simple as possible to prevent the colors from biting. And, in their opinion, nothing more expresses the naturalness they desired than white flowers and kraft paper, which also allowed them to pay more attention to sustainability.

Photos of the DIY vintage wedding

The photos of the DIY vintage wedding, made by Lina Thomsen Photography inspire us with every look. Of course, this is not only due to the great photos, but above all to the attention to detail with which the newlyweds planned and designed their wedding. But just look yourself!

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Photographer: Lina Thomsen Photography
Location of the wedding ceremony: Schlosskapelle Glücksburg
Location of the wedding party: Orangerie Schloss Glücksburg
Hair + Makeup: Gesa-Lina Erdmann
Bridal Gown: Designer Catherine Deane, bought at I am Yours Hamburg
Bridal shoes: Call it Spring, Model: MYNAH belt sandal
Groom Suit: Rooks and Rocks
Groom bow tie and pocket square: Adam Bows
Groom Shoes: Steptronic
Floristry: Sina Reebschläger
Stationery: DIY
Wedding cake: Monja Rönneburg
Wedding rings Brand: Acredo, bought at the Trauringzentrum Lübeck
Candybar: DIY
Ladder and fluted glasses: borrowed from Sina Reebschläger

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