Reasons why some guests leave your wedding early

Even if it's an absolute dream wedding, some of your guests may head for the exit and leave the wedding early. The whole thing before the party is really over. Maybe you too will come into the situation where everyone is dancing, laughing and having fun together and you wish you could not have a better party. But just when the party is in full swing, two joys come to say goodbye. There are a few reasons why some guests leave your wedding early, as you can read in this post.

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No matter what reasons people have when they want to go home, you should not bother. Of course it is sometimes annoying for you as a bridal couple, when some guests really say goodbye early, but still your very special day goes on in any case. For many reasons for the early departure, you can do as a bride and groom usually on the fly one way or the other nothing.

The kids are waiting home

At the wedding on which we were last invited, we did not take our little Emma with us. Even though Emma was with her grandfather and her favorite neighbor and she had fun with them, she missed her mom and dad at some point after a few hours. Even though the wedding was really nice, the time had finally come for us as parents to go home. Of course we could have taken Emma with us, but she was still relatively small and would have needed some rest somewhere to sleep somewhere. That was not possible at this wedding.

It's too loud

Often the dance floor is in the same room as the guests' tables. However, not everyone likes deafening music, especially if they do not dance and would rather talk. If the music is just too loud, so that talking is no longer possible, then this may be one reason why some of the guests are leaving. It is generally helpful, for example, if there is a covered terrace where guests can not only get some fresh air, but also can talk without music if necessary.

Talk to your DJ or your band about what the planned audio setup looks like. This should be appropriate for the size and acoustics of the room and should not be the setup of a huge concert.

Your guest has to go to work tomorrow

When we think back to our own wedding, we are very happy that all our guests have taken leave for the next day. We got married on a Thursday. If you also want to marry during the week, or if someone from your guests has to come out the next day either way, then do not begrudge them that they have not taken any vacation. Sometimes there are holiday closures, the holidays are already planned or it is just an important project.

Most importantly, the person has taken the time to attend your wedding and celebrate with you, even if it may be short.

A long journey home

If some of your guests arrive from a little further away and may not have enough budget for a hotel room, then sometime the start for the journey home is. You as a bride and groom do not necessarily have to pay the costs of the hotel, as we have described in our post "Hotel for the Guests: Who Spends the Cost of the Room?". But then you should not be angry, if the guests from a little further away in the direction of home a little earlier.

Too little energy to stay awake

Not only some infants, but adults sometimes just do not have enough energy to stay awake until the wee hours of the morning. This does not just have to concern grandma or grandpa, but can occur across all age groups. So do not be angry if someone yawns and watches the clock all the time. Give them a hug and wish them a wonderful night.

Your guests are just boring

Even if we have never heard or read it, sometimes your guests at the wedding could just be boring. If they are bored or just not feeling well, it will be reason enough for some to leave your wedding early. But you should not really worry about that, because even without a special program boredom never really occurs at a wedding. Write something nice in the guestbook, dance, talk to others – there is a lot to do for your guests at a wedding, so boredom is always avoided.

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