Post-wedding Depression: Underestimated Danger?

In the title to this post, many may think what this nonsense is. Some, however, will perhaps read this post a little more closely. For a long time, the bride and groom are looking forward to this very special day during their sometimes lengthy wedding planning. But then it's over faster than you might think. But what comes next? In the worst case maybe one Post-wedding depression, An underestimated danger?

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We ourselves have in the planning of our own wedding gradually turned half our apartment into a warehouse full of decorations, etc., the wedding. The closer a certain day came, the more the butterflies flew around in our stomach. In the last few days before the wedding, almost all of our daily routine has just turned around. Since we really learned to love the topic of marriage and started this blog, the wedding theme continued after our wedding. For others, it ends abruptly after the wedding night.

Reasons for a post-wedding depression

During months or even years of planning, excitement, crafting, appointments with service providers and everything else, the anticipation of the wedding is ubiquitous. Of course, when planning the wedding, there are sometimes challenging phases or moments that are not really beautiful, but on the whole, the mood is certainly on a high. At some point, however, this mood high will not last forever, as many freshly wedded people end up on the ground again.

Arriving on the floor of everyday life, not much can be felt from the continuing anticipation and all the positive excitement on the day of the wedding. After all, the wedding is already a thing of the past. If the mood high slips into a deep hole, this may be a major reason for a post-wedding depression.

But even if the wedding was not as it has always been dreamed, in retrospect this will be a problem for some. Everybody paints their own dream wedding sometimes down to the smallest detail. But when the day of the wedding suddenly becomes a catastrophe and the really long wedding planning has become obsolete, this does not only cause inner unrest. If all open invoices are paid after the wedding, all together this is not a good mix.

Sometimes, even a couple of couples try to make a "Pinterest wedding", of course, with professional photographers, videographers, tape and all the trimmings. If the budget was not calculated correctly, or deliberately simply completely covered, the marriage starts with a mountain full of debts. With the removal of the wedding happiness feelings and the return in the normal everyday life money worries are not really conducive.

What could help you!

While planning your wedding, you should plan the first time after the wedding. After the wedding, not only the ugly things, such as paying bills, but of course the unpacking of the gifts, the anticipation of the wedding photos, the writing of Thanksgiving cards and even a few more.

You also need to be aware that your partner is still the same person he was before after the wedding. Just because you're married now, the proverbial frog does not become a prince through that one kiss. But this should not be so, because you have finally fallen in love with the sweet little frog, right? What we're aiming at is that your expectations of the time as a newlywed couple should be realistic. If you realize this, you have definitely taken a step in the right direction.

If wedding planning has taken up much of your day-to-day life, then you should definitely do something together for the time afterwards and not just sit on the couch and mourn the wonderful time of planning afterwards. Because the wedding is a new phase of your life, which you spend together with your partner. So plan the life together after the wedding and start together to new adventures. No matter if this is a holiday, a common hobby or perhaps the family planning after the wedding

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