Keep a wedding dress: between the final fitting and the wedding

As soon as you can pick up your wedding dress, important storage is important. We share in this post how you can store your wedding dress between the final adjustment and your big day. When it comes to wedding dress you should definitely not go wrong.

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Many bridal gowns need to be adjusted after purchase so that the dress really fits perfectly with the bride. Mostly this is done a few weeks before the wedding. You should remember that the tailor needs some time to make all the changes you want. Once your dress has the perfect fit, it's time to take it home and keep it safely until the wedding day. It is important to properly store the wedding dress in the days before the wedding.

The packaging is important

In the best case, the seamstress has already taken over most of the work for you and the dress freshly pressed, hung on the hanging straps, packed in tissue paper and packed in a cloth bag. While the straps in everyday clothing are usually annoying, they are a must have for some bridal gowns. With these ribbons you have the possibility to hang your dress in the cloth bag so that nothing stretches, creases or deforms.

The place is important too

For your wrapped wedding dress you should find a place that is cool, dry and dark. Of course, this would be your closet in the bedroom, for example. When we think of our little daughter, she would prefer to slip into her own bridal gown every day, as she likes to disguise herself as a princess. As sweet as that may be, your child should not come to the wedding dress. But not only children may want to "play" with the wedding dress, but maybe your pet as well. For this reason, you should definitely keep the dress in a child-safe and animal-safe place.

Hang up, or rather lie down?

The type of storage ultimately depends on the length of time and the type of fabric. Most clothes can be hung up for a few weeks. But if your wedding is still months away, try to find a place where you can lay your dress flat and without sunlight. A heavily beaded, diagonally cut dress or a very open, lace-like crochet should be stored lying for any period of time to avoid deforming or wrinkling.

On the day of the wedding

If you, like myself, prepare for the wedding at home, then you probably do not have to carry your wedding dress. But if you have to find a way to get your Getting Ready, whether short or long, you should pay attention to a few things for the transport. In the best case, you have already placed acid-free tissue paper around your gown and between the folded layers to prevent any tissue friction. If you are traveling by car, put your dress over the backseat. Take care, however, that you do not put much heavy on your dress on it.

Keep your wedding dress

Keeping the wedding dress is actually not that difficult, at least if you pay attention to one or the other. In general, however, you should in any case in your bridal fashion business to ask for security, which is the best way for your dress storage. That's the way you can be sure.

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