Bridal bouquet design alternative for the groom: a football!

At many weddings, a bridal bouquet is bought for the bride. Even if some brides keep their bridal bouquet after the wedding, they are also very happy to be thrown on the day of the wedding. While the bride has the bridal bouquet, the groom is usually empty. Of course he could throw his wife's garter, but there is another very nice bridal bouquet alternative for the groom: one Soccer!

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As you can see on the cover picture for this post, there is a white football, which was labeled by the bridal couple before the wedding with a pen. "You are the next" is written on one side, the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date on the other.

Bridal bouquet design alternative for the groom: a football!
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Bridal bouquet alternative

For the bridal bouquet alternative for the groom with the football you do not really need much. A football and a waterproof pen to label this. As an alternative to a pen, you could also cut out the adhesive film with a plotter and glue it to the football. Then you should avoid playing with football properly, because then the adhesive film might come off.

As well as the bridal bouquet, the bridal bouquet alternative can be planned for the groom during the wedding celebration. While the groom holds the football in his hands, all the bachelors line up and get ready to catch the football. The groom can then throw the ball or gently kick his foot toward the bachelor. The one who catches the ball is the next one. As it stands on the football.

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