An after-wedding shoot in Venice

Last summer, Gianna and Lucas celebrated a wonderful wedding. The two spent their honeymoon with a tour of Tuscany, with a stopover in Venice, In the time-honored city, they had arranged to meet with their wedding photographers, which was especially for the two After-Wedding-Shooting flew to Venice.


The after-wedding shoot in Venice took place on two days. In the evening, they just strolled through the streets together and stayed where the scenery allowed. So already created beautiful photos with sunset mood in a beautiful warm light.

Gianna and Lucas at the after-wedding shoot in Venice

The next morning everybody started very early. At five in the morning it was time to get up to enjoy the city almost without tourists. The sunrise on St. Mark's Square in Venice is worth getting up every hour! Kerstin von ROCKSTEIN photography still remembers well:

"Lilly, the little dog of Gianna and Lucas, disturbed the night's sleep from sheer excitement and angered one Italian or another, who scolded the window properly"

The two wedding photographers Kerstin and Paul from ROCKSTEIN fotografie really enjoy after-wedding shootings. This gives you the opportunity at a personal favorite place of the couple undisturbed and without time limit to create special pictures. So that really unique shots come out in an after-wedding shoot, they always take a lot of time to explore the location for a really long time. Really great!

The photos from the after-wedding shoot in Venice

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