An after-wedding shoot after a rainy wedding last year

Good weather on the day of the wedding is really important, as we already described in the post about our own wedding. Unfortunately, Katha and Sven did not have much luck on the wedding day – it had rained, For that reason, the two have decided to After-Wedding-Shooting close.


Both the church and civil wedding have fallen into the water. At the registry office in Denmark on the beach there was a storm warning with rain, Hagen and storm. At the church wedding, it rained in twine, so that was not to think of a couple shooting.

Sven is himself a wedding photographer. Of course, the demands for your own after-wedding shoot are a bit higher. For this reason Sven drove his wife almost 400km in the Harz to wedding photographer Thomas Sasse. The bridal couple liked the natural style of his photos best.

After their rainy wedding last year, they had the opportunity in a beautiful location and under glorious sunshine to take pictures again. The photos of Katha and Sven are the proof that rain at the wedding is absolutely no problem. If the couple's photo shoot literally falls into the water on the day of the wedding, then simply do an after-wedding shoot after the wedding. So the bride and groom have the opportunity to put on the wedding suit and the bridal gown again and have pretty photos made of themselves.

The photos of Katha & Sven after their rainy wedding last year

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