After Wedding Shooting at the Munich Oktoberfest

Imagine it is your wedding day, you look forward to an unforgettable day and then the photographer says without a replacement to get. This happened to Chrissie and Michi at their wedding and therefore there are no professional pictures of the wedding. Because of this, both have come out for one After-wedding shoot decided.


What can you do in bad weather? What if the photographer is sick? What if the camera breaks? Does the photographer have a spare camera on site? These are some questions that should be asked in a preliminary interview with the wedding photographer. Unfortunately, the best preparation does not help if the photographer just declines and does not care about anything else.

After wedding Chrissie and Michi happen to have seen Natascha Grunert's call on Facebook, in the "Volunteer" for an after-wedding shoot on the Munich Wiesn were searched. Quickly an application was submitted and the joy was all the greater, as the two received the message that Natascha wanted to do the shoot with them.

A photo shoot in the middle of the Munich Oktoberfest? That's certainly not something for every bride and groom, because there are countless other people around you. So the two report:

"At first it was weird to see so many people in the wedding dress and suit at the Oktoberfest. We were pretty excited. But after so many people congratulated us, wanted to take pictures with us and told us how awesome they are to find Natascha's idea, it was always easier for us and it was so much fun shooting with Natascha. "

The After Wedding Shooting on the Munich Oktoberfest really made great photos. Although the bride and groom have no photos in the wedding outfit of the day of the wedding, but in this way in retrospect still really nice photos made up.

The photos from the After Wedding Shooting at the Munich Oktoberfest

All photos © Natascha Grunert

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