A couple shooting on the beach of Fehmarn

Fehmarn is a Island in the Baltic Seawhich has really many hours of sunshine to offer. It is not without reason that we both travel there at least once a year for a holiday there and have spent the first part of our honeymoon there. It is really nice, quiet and there are many beautiful sandy beaches. Exactly one of these great beaches of Fehmarn was now the location for a great couple shooting.


When we discovered the photos on the beach of our favorite island, it was immediately clear to us that we would like to show them in our wedding blog. The two photographers Sabine Lange and Beate Lauricella have chosen a quiet and natural beach for the photos. They wanted to show how beautiful marriages can be on the beach. Sabine reports:

The sea just has such a great attraction. That's why in April I decided to have the style shoot for a wedding under the motto "airy, easy & in love".

On the beach of Fehmarn

Not much is needed for a beautiful and romantic setting, a small blanket, some dune grass and a few lanterns, more is often not necessary. Finally, the bride and groom should be in the foreground of the couple's shoot. The maritime mood is accompanied by a bridal bouquet with eucalyptus, dried dune grass and roses. Very simple and simple is also the grooms jewelry held. This consists only of a small piece of driftwood in combination with some eucalyptus. Less is sometimes more.

The photos from the couple shooting

Fehmarn offers not only a beautiful backdrop for photos, but also the opportunity to marry directly on the beach. You can find some information for a wedding on the beach of Fehmarn here.

service provider

Photography: Sabine Lange and Beate Lauricella
Bridal Gown: Larimeloom
Groom Outfit: MG Fashion
Bridal Shoes: Grendha Shoes
Hair Accessories: Kido Design
Floristry: bridal bouquet studio
Wedding Rings / Jewelery: Nicole Eitel – TreeLovers
Decoration: Teramico
Hair & Makeup: Carolin Ghodoussi
Location: Beach House Fehmarn

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