A bridal photo shoot in the snow with horses

In the middle of winter with a lot of snow and icy temperatures outside Bridal photo shoot It's not easy to do that. But if you look at the result, then all the effort and freezing has really paid off. Not only the snow makes these photos magical, but also the horses which absolutely wanted with the photos.


At this bridal photo shoot, the bride was not with her groom in front of the camera, but with two horses and an incredibly cute little pony. The bridal bouquet of poppies, Christmas roses, mussel crabs, dried grasses and lots of accessories had to be saved not only once from the voracious four-legged friends, as can be seen in the photos of Maren Tobi's photographer. The bouquet, but also the pretty flower wreath, really did not have it easy at this photo shoot.

Even though it was pretty cold at the bridal photoshoot, the bride still wore her wedding dress but combined it with a poncho so as not to cool down immediately. Together with the natural bouquet as well as the earrings and the bracelet with pearls, the bride is given a boho touch.

The photos of the bridal photo shoot in the snow

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Photography: Maren Tobi's photographer
Jewelery: jewel
Styling: Linda Müller
Floristry: sharp and meadow

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